NEPCON ASIA will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from August 28 to August 30, 2019. The exhibition is expected to span 60,000 sqm, making it the largest NEPCON exhibition ever. A combination of six exhibitions in one, NEPCON ASIA serves as a channel via which the entire electronics manufacturing industry can connect. The event is an international-standard electronics manufacturing industry show.   A total of 800 exhibitors and brands from 38 countries and regions, together with 60,000 buyers, are expected to participate.
        The show will be themed around 5G.  The exhibition floor will feature new technologies and products from across the field of electronics manufacturing.  These will include printed circuit boards, circuit board assembly machinery, automatic assembly solutions and testing devices. In 2019, NEPCON Asia will focus on the core needs of the electronics manufacturing industry.  Digital manufacturing, lean production, product reliability and other topics, as well as communication, automotives, new energy and intelligent cities, will give visitors a first-hand look into the diverse array of available industry solutions. 
        The exhibition will provide personalized recommendations to each visitor, to empower them to achieve purchasing and partnership goals during the three-day exhibition.  Through the recommendations, attendees can better connect with  electronics manufacturing industry suppliers face-to-face, negotiate orders, join on-site activities, attend concurrently running conferences, learn about the industry and enhance their own knowledge. 


        From R&D to design, cutting-edge automotive electronics technologies and applications on display AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA, jointly organized by Reed Exhibitions and CCPIT, gathers leading exhibitors of the industry, covering multiple sectors such as auto electronics, autonomous driving, smart connectivity, EV, and testing. The event has evolved over time. The 2019 edition will focus on current hot topics such as L3/4 autonomous driving algorithms, sensors, precision maps, and chips. The event is designed to showcase proactive and innovative solutions to Chinese auto engineers. Sideline activities include multiple automotive electronics seminars that will gather auto professionals and experts to share insights on smart auto trends, explore industry needs, and expand market opportunities. 


        ELECTROTEST CHINA focuses on electronics testing and combines both a conference and a show. It offers a comprehensive picture of electronics design and manufacturing-related testing, measurement, inspection technologies as well as relevant equipment. The event is designed to lead testing and measurement industry trends and disseminate advanced factory management concepts as well as the latest industry intelligence. Sideline activities include multiple sessions on quality control, lean production, automatic testing and measurement, and other hot topics. 
        The event is expected to gather core buyers from consumer, telecommunications, automotive, and healthcare electronics manufacturing sectors. While exploring trade buyer needs, the event will invite procurement and technological decision makers in the testing sector. 
        ELECTROTEST CHINA will offer an innovative exchange platform to help you acquire buyers you need. In here, you get to match your business with partners through online (website, WeChat, online appointment-making, etc) and offline (the show, forum, and industry salon) channels. As you meet the people you want, you can exchange the latest solutions in the testing sector and build up your brand image.


        S-Factory helps traditional electronics manufacturers to implement automatic and digital processes. It showcases machine vision, IoT and big data, industrial software, industrial robotics, motion control, drive and aerodynamics equipment and components, system integration, smart warehousing and logistics, and related products and solutions. The event gathers equipment, technologies, and solutions to support lean production, flexible manufacturing, and other electronics manufacturing needs. It also helps enhance productivity and promote smart manufacturing. 
        NEPCON ASIA, AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA (originated in Japan), CS SHOW 2019, the new ELECTROTEST CHINA, and AHTE South China take place side by side at the same location. Combined, they share nearly 60,000 high-quality buyers. In an innovative way, they are expected to enhance smart manufacturing and promote smart factory transition.


日 期 时 间
8月28日,星期三 10:00-17:00
8月29日,星期四 09:30-17:00
8月30日,星期五 09:30-16:30
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