• NEPCOM South China 2017
    • The CS Show

    • Shenzhen, a major South China city that boasts a long history of industrial development and high degree of intensification, has contributed to approximately 60% of domestic output compared to 1,500 of its Chinese counterparts.As an electronics information manufacturing base, as well as a collection and distribution center of various electronics components in (Mainland) China, Shenzhen has become a purchasing hub of the global electronics manufacturing market. The SPCA, TPCA, GPCA, CCPIT and Reed Exhibitions will be jointly holding the third edition of the Shenzhen International Circuit Sourcing Show (Circuit Sourcing Show 2017) from August 30th to September 1st, 2017 with the intention to further promote industrial transformation and upgrades ...
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      Only 000 days

      Show Hours

      Tuesday, Aug 29 9:30 - 17:00

      Wednesday, Aug 30 9:30 - 17:00

      Thursday, Aug 31 9:30 - 15:00

    • 2016 Featured Exhibitors

      1. 奥士康科技股份有限公司 深圳市景旺电子股份有限公司
      2. 深圳市五株科技股份有限公司 深圳市崇达电路技术股份有限公司
      3. 深圳市博敏电子有限公司 深圳松维电子股份有限公司
      4. 康源电子厂有限公司 & 东莞康源电子有限公司 深圳市星河电路有限公司
      5. 龙宇电子有限公司 深圳爱升精密电路科技有限公司
      6. 深圳市华丰电器器件制造有限公司 深圳市航盛电路科技股份有限公司
      7. 卓穗电子科技(深圳)有限公司 欣强电子(清远)有限公司
      8. 东莞联桥电子有限公司(良达科技股份有限公司) 深圳市龙腾电路科技有限公司
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    • Oviphone Technology Co., Ltd
      Yuan Shufen

      The CS Show is a sourcing and trading platform for CB manufacturing machinery. It also is a great way to learn about cutting-edge technologies and equipment.The show also facilitated better communica...

    • Singapore Suxin Co., Ltd.
      Lin Qifeng

      We come to the NEPCON South China exhibition and CS Show every year. Each session is a great platform for industry insiders to gather and exchange ideas.Here we get to catch up with existing partners...